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The purpose of this site is to share the tunes I am learning in Co. Clare with anyone interested in them. I am writing the ABCs myself and I try to make them as simple as possible, so that you choose whatever you want to put in the tunes. The music sheets are also available. I can't read them myself, so if anyone spots anything wrong please let me know !

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Last tune

"Micho Russell's Fermoy Lasses" is a tune I learned from my good friend Stéphane. He knows it from Pat O'Connor and Eoghan O'Sullivan's great album "Conversations at the Crossroads" on which they call it by this name. The funny thing is that on the only recordings I have of Micho playing the Fermoy Lasses he actually plays a version quite similar to the "standard" reel. So I have no idea where they got it, but it's a great version nonethelesse !

T:Micho Russell's Fermoy Lasses
B~E3 G2GA|B~E3 Bded|B~E3 d2dB|A2AF DEFA|
B~E3 G2GA|B~E3 Bded|B~E3 dedB|ABAF DEFA||
B2BA G2GA|B~G3 Bdgd|gbaf gfge|d2dB ADFA||

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